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Fat People

Daniel Sanchez Arevalo

Fat People is pizza, ice-cream, chocolate, sweets, calories, many many calories. It’s also guilt, desire, fear, hope, dreams, sex, family, love... It’s happy, optimistic, awesome, sour, tender, harsh, light, deep. It’s a comedy. It’s a drama. It’s a collection of contradictions. It’s life!
Fat People is a dramedy. Five stories that deal with overweight in a common environment: group therapy. A place where people don’t expect to lose weight but rather find out the reason why they’ve gain it. They expect to find out the reasons why they don’t like their bodies. Weight is unimportant, their bodies are unimportant. Overweight is just a metaphor to talk about those things we swallow, day after day, and that grow inside of us. Those things that are so hard to express, face or even accept.

Awards & Festivals: Raúl Arévalo - Best Actor in a Supporting Role at Goya Awards 2010, Jury Prize at the Comedy Film Festival 2009 in Monte Carlo, nominated for Bronze Horse at the Stockholm Film Festival 2009.

Daniel Sanchez Arevalo
Antonio de la Torre
Roberto Enríquez
Verónica Sánchez
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