Cine-concert Metropolis | TIFF

Cine-concert Metropolis

02.04.2024 14:40
Saturday, 15 June, 2024 - 21:30
Castelul Bánffy, Bonțida

Metropolis, dir. Fritz Lang, Germania, 1926

Original music & live interpretation: Edison Studio (IT)

Musicians: Mauro Cardi, Luigi Ceccarelli, Alessandro Cipriani, Vincenzo Core, Andrea Veneri cu vocile artiștilor Anna Clementi, Martin Figura, Eric Moser, Marco Noia și Andreas Otto.

Set in the future, Metropolis is a perfect, super-technologized city where people live happily. But appearances are deceptive. Behind it lies a huge gap between the upper class and the workers who toil endlessly to sustain this world. Is mediation possible between these two social categories? The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Thea von Harbou in 1925. A story imagined 100 years ago is just as relevant today. After a turbulent history, in which the original version seemed lost, Metropolis was digitally restored in 2010.