Concert “Bucium Sounds” - Ceata Melopoică and FloriMan & Screening Holy Father | TIFF

Concert “Bucium Sounds” - Ceata Melopoică and FloriMan & Screening Holy Father

18.07.2021 22:57

Tuesday, July 27, 8:30 PM

Arkhai Sculpture Park Vlaha

A memorable concert in the spectacular setting of the Arkhai Sculpture Park, followed by an emotional film about a son in search of his father on Mount Athos.Ceata Melopoică in one of the most important projects of Mircea Florian aka FloriMan, known for his avant-garde mixes of folk, old Romanian music, African and Asian rhythms, electronica, progressive rock, new wave, etc. The centerpiece of this particular show is an old Romanian instrument called the “tulnic” or “bucium,” which is part of Transylvanian heritage. Requiring physical force as well as special interpretive techniques, the instrument is primarily played by women announcing family or community events. 

Mariana Gligor – “UNESCO Live Human Treasure" - bucium

Nina Onețiu - bucium

Florin Manca „Daath Yug” - bucium

Andrei Dinescu - bucium, violin, electronics

Lucian Stan / DJ Vasile - electronics

Mircea Florian - voice, bucium, jaw harp, electronics

Holy Father

Dir. Andrei Dăscălescu (România, 2020 | 85')

The filmmaker, Andrei, and his girlfriend, Paula, face the news of becoming parents. While the future mother is struggling with no worthy role models in her broken family, the soon-to-be father must come to terms with his own, long-lost father, now a monk on Mount Athos. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2020 Sarajevo Film Festival!

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