Exclusive "Laibach" concert at TIFF 2012 | TIFF

Exclusive "Laibach" concert at TIFF 2012

23.05.2012 11:12
Wednesday, June 6th, 23:45, Hotel Continental

The avant-garde band Laibach composer of the soundtrack for Iron Sky, will offer an exceptional concert at Hotel Continental.

Related to industrial and neo-classical music styles, the Laibach phenomenon began in 1980, in the underground cultural life of Communist era. Although starting out as a multi-disciplinary art practice group, Laibach became internationally renowned foremost on the music scene, particularly with their unique cover-versions and interpretations of hits by Queen, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

During the last 30 years, Laibach released 28 albums and had a massive influence on numerous music groups - most notably Rammstein. The group was often creating controversy for their militaristic self-stylization, propagandist manifestos and totalitarian statements and became subject to a number of documentaries, the most recent being Sašo Podgoršek's Divided States of America: Laibach.

In 2012 Laibach started a tour to promote the film Iron Sky and held in April a historical show at Tate Modern  - Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde.