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Focus Chile at TIFF 2010

11.05.2010 03:00

The ninth edition of TIFF will have Chile and Israel in the Focus section with the most famous titles in recent cinema. 

In 2010, the Republic of Chile is celebrating 200 years from the beginning of the independence process, since the first Government Junta of Chile was formed on September the 18th, 1810. Several cultural events will take place, already in preparation for a few years, with the bicentenary occasion in mind.

The Chile Focus, at the Transilvania International Film Festival, whishes to present the world of cinema as a mirror held up to society, with its aspirations, joys and hardships revealed.

The program includes: Huacho, directed by Alejandro Fernandez Almendras, Turistas/Tourists, directed by Alicia Scherson, Navidad/Christmas, directed by Sebastian Lelio, Ilusiones opticas/ Optical Illusions, directed by Cristian Jimenez, Calle Santa Fe, directed by Carmen Castillo, Tony Manero, directed by Pablo Larrain.

The special guest of Chile Focus is Sebastian Lelio, winner of the Transilvania trophy in 2007, with his film La Sagrada Familia, and member of the TIFF Jury in 2008.

The Chile Bicentenary is an important date, a reason for chillians and for all those who have helped build their beautiful country to rejoice. This is a point where, besides celebration, history also demands a moment of reflection and debates regarding future projects for the country.

This event will take place thanks to the Embassy of Chile in Romania and the Cultural Department, under the External Affairs Departement of the Republic of Chile.