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smarTIFF - virtual guide for Transilvania IFF

01.06.2012 14:47
This year, the audience of Transilvania IFF will surf easier through all the events and screenings with the help of the mobile application- smarTIFF.

Three mobile applications which can be downloaded free of charge on smart phones will help filmgoers find their way to the Transilvania IFF key locations, check the schedule and even buy tickets.

The first application is called TIFF-ul VESEL (Happy TIFF) and was developed by Senior Interactive based on this year’s key visual. Film buffs are provoked to discover 30 trailers of films screening during the festival. The trailers must be “unlocked”. You unlock a trailer if you find one of TIFF’s logos in the festival’s key location. Each logo unlocks a trailer, and with 5 unlocked trailers you’ll enter a lottery with 50 prizes for film buffs. The mobile application can be accessed at:

Another free application is Realitate Augmentată TIFF (Augmented Reality). Available for all Smartphones (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian), the application is basically a virtual live guide. The user can see live the festival’s key locations, what’s happening there in that exact moment, what’s the daily program and – very important – a guide for getting there fast. This application is based on Layar platform. To activate it, you need to download "Layar - augmented reality browser" (available on iPhone/ Android/ Blackberry/Symbian) and scan with it a TIFF poster. Also, with this mobile application, AperiTiff will offer info, reviews and trailers which will run automatically when the smart phone loads the first web page of AperiTIFF.

The third free application is TIFF 2012 – also a guide for the Transilvania IFF’s program and key locations. TIFF 2012 can be downloaded free of charge at AppStore and Google Play Store.

Our new website,, is also available in a mobile version –, so that our audience can always keep up with what’s happening at the festival.