Transilvania Talent Lab (TTL) is looking to form and promote professionals in the film industry. The seventh edition of the workshop is dedicated to exhibitors and NGO representatives coming from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, working together with public institutions to prepare the program of their local cinemas.

Transilvania Talent Lab will take place between May 29th – June 2nd, 2018, during the Transilvania International Film Festival.

Internationally acclaimed film professionals will guide the selected participants.

Through this program, the participants can develop their management skills and learn more about the promotion and marketing of films and the secrets to building a community of film lovers within their region.

Recently we’ve come across many public authorities trying to renovate and rebring on the cultural map the cinemas in their cities, but this is not enough. For the investment to be fully successful, they need professional trained people to run those institutions.

Currently, Romania is the European country with the fewest screens reported to the number of inhabitants. If in 1990 there were about 450 state cinemas, today have survived less than 30. In just less than 20 years, the number of spectators has decreased 50 times compared to the 90s, and less than 20 cinemas have been upgraded. 78% of the Romanian cities have no functional cinema. Romanian and European films, although appreciated and awarded internationally in major film festivals, fail to reach the Romanian audiences due to the lack of art-house cinemas, as an alternative to the multiplexes whose programming is focused on commercial productions.

TTL has a clear purpose, to support those leading the few cinemas remaining open or those working directly with the local authorities to present curated programs of films, and provide access to professional training with international experts.