10 for FILM

10 for FILM is a project developed at Transilvania IFF since 2012, one that introduces each year 10 remarkable, but still undiscovered Romanian actors, to film audience and film professionals. Coming from theatres or having already some film experience, they were given a professional portfolio and a chance to impress. In a country where cultural life is concentrated in the Capital and a few important cities, the chance that performers that are not from this areas to be discovered are quite small. The main purpose of 10 for FILM is to bring this part of Romanian cultural life back into the light.

10 of the most talented Romanian stage actors are presented anually, at TIFF, to the public and to film professionals in the Romanian Days section. The platform’s aim is to promote new individuals in the Romanian cinema.

10 for FILM targets those actors who have stood out in theater, but that did not get the chance, as of yet, to become part of the Romanian Cinema, indifferent of age, whether they are at their debut or with minor roles in indigenous productions.

The actors have at their disposal brochures, photographs, films and videos made by a professional studio, they participate in workshops and meetings and they are introduced to the public, the journalists and to those that have the power to change their careers – directors, Romanian and foreign producers, casting directors and agents.

The 10 for FILM crew is proposed and selected by a group of theater and film professionals: Tudor Giurgiu (director and producer), the theater critics Iulia Popovici, Cristina Rusiecki, Oana Stoica and Cristiana Gavrilă, Domnica Cârciumaru (casting director), Răzvan Penescu (the editor of the LiterNet portal) and Ileana Cecanu (publicist, project coordinator)

2016 edition

Alina Petrică (Bucharest National Theatre, Nicolae Bălcescu Cultural Center, Teatrelli, Odeon Theatre, Excelsior Theatre, Godot Café-Teatru, În Culise), Andi Gherghe (independent actor), Cătălina Bălălău (Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamț), Cezar Grumăzescu (Excelsior Theatre from București, Jewish State Theatre, Comedy Theatre), Ciprian Scurtea („Radu Stanca” National Theatre, Sibiu), Cristian Rigman (Cluj-Napoca National Theatre), Ioana-Florentina Manciu („Marin Sorescu” National Theatre, Craiova), Nicholas Cațianis (Odeon Theatre, ArCuB, Excelsior Theatre from București, I.L.Caragiale National Theatre), Richard Balint (Regina Maria Theatre from Oradea), Sânziana Tarța (Cluj-Napoca National Theatre).

Download now the "10 pentru FILM 2016" brochure.

2015 edition

Alexandru Ion (National Theatre, Act Theatre, Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest), Ali Deac (National Theater „Radu Stanca”, Sibiu), Ana Covalciuc (Bulandra Theathre, Metropolis, Comedy Theatre and ArCuB Theatre), Csilla Albert (Hungarian Theatre in Cluj), Erzsébet B. Fülöp (National Theatre in Târgu Mureş), Irina Drăgănescu (Comedy, Nottara and Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest), Lucian Teodor Rus (Bucharest National Theatre), Ruxandra Maniu (Odeon Theatre in Bucharest), Silva Helena Schmidt (Bucharest National Theatre), Reka Szasz („Anton Pann” Theatre in Râmnicu Vâlcea).

2014 edition

Alina Ilea (National Theatre in Timişoara), Elena Ivanca (National Theatre Cluj-Napoca), Enikő Györgyjakab (Hungarian Theatre in Cluj), Katalin Berekméri (National Theatre in Târgu Mureş, Tompa Miklós Company), Lucia Mărneanu (independent actor, Cluj), Silvana Mihai (Godot Cafe Theatre, student at National Theatre and Film University), Rareș Andrici (Metropolis Theatre and Foarte Mic Theatre in Bucharest), Vlad Bîrzanu („Anton Pann” Theatre in Râmnicu Vâlcea), Sorin Dobrin (Bulandra Theatre and Godot Cafe Theatre in Bucharest), Ioan Paraschiv („Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu and Youth Theatre in Piatra Neamţ). 

2013 participants included Claudia Ardelean („Andrei Mureşanu” Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe), Balázs Bodolai (Hungarian Theatre in Cluj-Napoca), Eliza Noemi Judeu (George Bacovia Theatre in Bacău), Nicoleta Lefter (Odeon Theatre, Bucharest), Călin Stanciu Jr. (National Theatre in Timişoara), Rareş Florin Stoica (master programme student National Theatre and Film University), Silvia Török (German State Theatre in Timişoara), Mihaela Trofimov („Maria Filotti” Theatre in Brăila), Cătălin Vieru (,,Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova), Irina Wintze (National Theatre in Cluj).

The actors selected in 2012 are: Cristian Balint, Colin Buzoianu, Lari Giorgescu, Cristian Grosu, Lucreţia Mandric, Maria Obretin, Pethő Anikó, Elena Popa, Olga Török, Raluca Vermeşan and the two Rising Stars Vlad Bălan şi Mădălina Ciotea. 

Presentation films of actors selected in the 10 for FILM program can be viewed on each actor's personal profile page.